Nobrand x Elie Saab

Nobrand was marked as success by the Elie Saab International account, naturally giving it international exposure. In 2006, the birth of the Nobrand agency took place through Elie Saab International account. For as long as 7 years this agency bloomed and glittered with its ongoing growth of the account’s needs and demands.

The agency now needed to fit in to manage its growing needs according to the guideline of the brand, therefore suiting the international level more. It had to design artwork that would attract an international market, and here we are speaking of levels like, Dior, Chanel, Versace, Armani, and plenty others. Within a single week, the agency, which was first assigned to reverse engineer the Elie Saab website, cracked and built, designed and developed the glamorous bespoke site. Everything was kept professionally and beautifully maintained by Nobrand, throughout the years, with the latest collections, photoshoots and new points of sales. As for VIP clients, the agency designed the special FTP website, including a special press login, as well as the company profile and investor presentations. Some other great jobs included short movies animation, art direction and art design for different brand categories. The collaboration of Nobrand and Elie Saab has sparkled brightly in the region.

This surely led to a broadening in the agency’s clients from all across the globe, being royals, celebrities, aristocrats, designers, and fashion houses from different regions; Middle East, Gulf, Hollywood, and Europe. Nobrand spread east and west and became famous for its avant-garde style. “Best of” design round ups is the bold trademark for our clients according to the international press. Not to mention, its unique fonts for the catwalk, the LX SANS new font family by Nobrand agency, spread online and is being purchased by fashion houses in Tokyo and Holland.


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