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Restaurant branding in Lebanon

Whether this is your first foray into the hospitality world, or you are a seasoned restauranteur, there are many make or break factors to take into consideration when it comes to opening a restaurant.
Location, brand positioning, staff training, marketing strategy, and online presence are just a few points to bear in mind, and all feed into what has become more crucial than ever – the impact, strength and longevity of your branding.

With the world becoming faster paced by the minute, and market, economic and political situations challenging even the sturdiest of sites, we’ve created a guide to some of the most important points to remember and revise for the beginning or re-visioning of any eatery.

Branding is more than just a logo
Brand identity goes way beyond producing a trendy image or catchy name for your restaurant. With the number of new restaurants opening up all the time, you need to create an entire package for your company that communicates not only your own values, but also shows an understanding of your consumers’ values too. How? You may ask. Check our pointers below for an idea of how to ensure you are catching and keeping your clients across the board.

Online presence

As on-trend as it may seem to “detox” from social media, and rely on the more organic marketing method of word of mouth to catch the attention of your target audience, there is no doubt that having an up-to-date online presence does wonders for your business.
Today’s fast paced style of living means most of your customers will come to you online before they physically venture into your property and having an online rapport with your demographic will increase the likelihood of them crossing the threshold and sitting down to eat with you, rather than your neighbours.

Connect to your audience

If it’s within budget, carry out as much market research as possible to fully comprehend who your clientele is and base your brand around this information. There is software linked to POS systems, or professional companies that can help with identifying key aspects of your consumer base, that will give you the power to surprise and delight your customers in the future with aspects of your food/drinks or service that they particularly like

Listening is key to building a loyal community and customer base
Though many enterprises are started on a gut feeling, the value of real data is priceless and can be achieved pretty easily. Make sure you have an integral web presence and provide as much information as possible about you and your location. Allow your clients a web platform to offer their feedback and acknowledge their comments both positive and negative and make sure you are responding in a timely and polite manner. Consumers who recognise their voice is being heard feel instantly more connected to a restaurant, and it may increase the likelihood of them returning to eat there again, or recommending it to others.


Letting consumer’s post their own version of their experience with you is an organic way to grow your business and brand. If you have mastered keeping your brand consistent and portraying your company values accurately, any photos or testimonials can often act as free marketing and encourages natural growth of your restaurant or franchise.

Social media content should be as mouth-watering as the real life, and not just about the food
We all know the old adage “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” and in the image obsessed society in which we find ourselves, when it comes to food, aesthetics really is everything. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, look at online blogs for how to maximize your own photographing ability and bring out the best in your images.
Don’t forget that an image can capture not only a product, but also a mood or ambience and your brand should be consistent with whatever reels you are publishing.

Power of the people

It’s no secret that people buy into people, and many customers return to an establishment because of the service they have received and relationships they have curated. Investing in staff training to provide a consistent service and experience across all mediums akin to the feel of your restaurant and brand is essential.
As your staff are essentially your business cards and brand ambassadors it is as important to reference them in your social media. A website, Instagram or facebook account that focusses on images solely dedicated to food or drink does not create as much connection to a place as one that incorporates photos or testimonials of staff. Instigating a human connection in line with your brand and then capturing it on film humanizes your restaurant and gives a better insight as to the experience generated by visiting it.

Delivery services and online ordering

Food delivery is almost non-negotiable these days, so finding a reliable partner is a vital part of your business model. In the same way, using an online ordering platform that promotes customer loyalty or incentivizes consumers is a great way to maintain a loyal base. Toters and Zomato are just a couple that work well in Lebanon.

In short

Understanding your values and look, feel, and decision making process behind your restaurant will underline not only your brand identity but also all decisions going forward. Once you know who you are and more importantly why you are preferable to the next restaurant on the list, you can understand far better who your target customers are and create marketing strategies to align with this. Getting your branding right in all aspects can be the game changer between expansion and closure of a location and ultimately defines who you are and where you are in the myriad of foodie entrepreneurs looking to try their hand in the game of gastronomy.

Want to know more?

With over 20 years’ International experience in branding for the restaurant and luxury sector, we can offer a range of bespoke services and consultation to adapt to any stage of your business or restaurant venture.
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